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splash into math

From time to time I enjoy splashing into an ocean called math to swim around with numbers. I have found that they are quite some joyous fellows....

Animals can do math too ...

1 2 3 waterdance


what number does the dice show?

how many tux penguins do you see?

what number do the 2 dice show?

counting cars

paint the number of cars shown

which set has more?

which set has less?

number counter

(western) abacus

show me the number on the (western) abacus

japanese soroban abacus (soroban)

chinese abacus (suanpan)

the chinese abacus (suanpan) explained

fun math: conjuring up the numbers 2 to 9 just by magic

binary numbers

roman numerals

add several numbers together

fun with the sum of numbers

fun with the sum of numbers

multiplication table

finger math for multiplication with 9

multiplication trick for 2 numbers between 6 and 9

multiplication with 11

celsius <==> fahrenheit

kilometer <==> miles

examples for writing numbers in scientific notation

printable multiplication and division sheets

is divisible

about numbers

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