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secret message

Here is a little online program that lets you create secret messages. Admittedly it is just moving letters so the method is weak but still better than nothing: Write a secret message

write text with special characters

I know that nowadays everyone is typing on a smartphone or tablet that has special letters build-in but I often I still find myself typing on computer keyboards that don't have those aides available. So whenever I need to write something that needs special characters which is almost always the case when I need to write a text in a language other than English but only have the standard English keyboard available this little program comes in quite handy: type special characters
For a less compact version you can try this: type special characters

Writing text backwards

A reader who liked the upside down text asked for text that is just written backwards without being upside down as well:write text backwards.

Writing upside down

Some time ago a friend sent me a message that was written upside down and backwards. Of course I was very curious to find out how he did it. A short search and I came across several sites that let you write text and convert it. But of course it's better to do it yourself: write text upside down

My shopping list

I am the kind of person who is jotting down a shopping list each time before doing my groceries. However I noticed that I often forgot to put some important items on it even though they turned out to be more or less the same every time. Needless to say that I wasn't happy to either have to run to the shop again or make do without. So I created a shopping list. Click on the things you need to highlight them. If you change your mind just click again. You can put a number in front if you need more than one. And at the end of the list you can add more items. Finally just click on "create shopping list" and you will only see the items you highlighted while everything else disappeared: My shopping list

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