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November 2021

my favorite computer mouse: Logitech G100s

Logitech G100s mouse
The best computer mouse ever made: Logitech G100s

It is rare that I give product recommendations on this blog but this computer mouse warrants such a review and recommendation.

Over the years I have tried many different computer mice but the Logitech G100s remains my favorite. It has the perfect size and weight for my hand. It is also of very good quality. The ergonomics of a computer mouse depend very much on you. My children prefer the smaller Thinkpad MOGOUO mouse. However if you are an adult with a normal sized hand then try a Logitech G100s mouse.

I bought my G100s mouse about 10 years ago and Logitech seems to have stopped selling this all time classic. At least I was not able to find it new anywhere in Canada or the US. It's still sold regularly as a used item on ebay. Recently I discovered however that it is available at aliexpress.com

This mouse has almost no parts that can wear out. Both the position sensor and the scroll wheel are optical (most other mice have internally a mechanical scroll wheel encoder that wears out over time). Logitech uses invisible infrared light for these optical sensors. This mouse does not light up when you use it. The only part that needs to be replaced every 3-4 years is the left mouse button. See my other post on how to replace a mouse micro switch. The G100s buttons are supposed to last longer than most mouse buttons but I can't really confirm that. After about 3 years of intensive use I have noticed that the left button click has become unreliable. I would occasionally hear and feel a click but I would have to click a second time for it to register. When you run into this kind of behavior then it's time to replace the button. The mouse has one screw at the bottom which is below the large mouse skate/foot. You have to remove that glide foot carefully and I recommend punching a hole into it at the right position such that you don't have to remove it in future.

Logitech G100s mouse skate pad with hole
Cut a hole into the bottom mouse glide pad to access the screw.

Up-to now I have replaced the left mouse button twice. No other part was worn out and I think I will be able to use this mouse indefinitely as long as I replace once in a while the button. The replacement button costs about 2 dollar.

Having easy access to that screw allows you also to clean the top part of the mouse once in a while. This is needed after several years of continuous use.

The most important characteristics of this mouse are the way it sits in my hand, the grip and the precision at which it operates. The scroll wheel so much more precise than the scroll wheel of any other mouse I have tested. I can use this mouse for a long time without getting tired.

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