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Replacing a worn-out mouse button, computer mouse repair

Mouse buttons can handle a finite amount of clicks until they are worn out. Good quality mouse buttons are rated for 1 million clicks but most computer mice contain cheaper buttons that wear out much earlier.

I have a few computer mice that I really like. They have the right weight and size for my hand. I prefer to repair them over replacing them and it's not difficult to install a new button. It's usually the left mouse button that wears out. When this happens then you can still hear your button click but it does not register properly. With defect mouse button two are three mouse click are then required until something happens and double clicks are not working.

All computer mice that I have ever opened contained the same micro-switches. Those switches are made by different manufactures and they may have different product numbers but the best brand name is Omron-D2F micro switches. Those are the ones that are rated for 1 million clicks. They cost about a dollar per switch. You can e.g look on ebay for "OMRON D2FC-F-7N Micro Switch".

Those mouse button micro switches have a spring inside. The low endurance version of those switches looks externally exactly like the higher quality switches but the spring and contact materials are made of a softer alloy. This saves on tooling costs during production since one can stamp more pieces without re-tooling the machines. The overall cost savings are just a few cents but companies do it. There are applications where one does not need high endurance switches but for computer mice one would need them and it's a real problem that companies make some computer mice with low endurance switches. It's a disaster from an environmental standpoint because people will throw away after 2-3 years otherwise perfect computer hardware only because 5 cent were saved during production.

Some people try to repair those mouse button switches by opening them and bending the contact spring back in shape but the low quality material will fail again and you might break the plastic enclosure of the switch while opening it. The best solution is to install a high endurance switch and it will last you for a decade.
Here is what you need:
circuit board of a computer mouse Omron-D2F ultra sub-miniature switch with pin plunger Omron-D2F ultra sub-miniature switch with pin plunger, side view
Circuit board of a computer mouse where the left mouse button needs to be replaced, Omron-D2F ultra sub-miniature switch with pin plunger

Here is how to do it:
It's about 5 minutes of work and this repaired mouse will last a long time.

Download and reference section: Omron-D2F ultra sub-miniature switches

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