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my 3.greatgrandparents: Johann Heinrich Erdmann Rustenbeck and Wilhelmine Sophie Elisabeth Bohneberg

Johann Heinrich Erdmann Rustenbeck
November 18, 1830 - September 7,1885
father: Johann Heinrich Ermann Rustenbeck
mother: Catherine Elisabeth Rustenbeck nee Achtel

ringOctober 9, 1856

Wilhelmine Sophie Elisabeth Rustenbeck nee Bohneberg
April 15, 1834 - September 1,1892
father: Heinrich Friedrich Bartholomäus Bohneberg
mother: Wilhelmine Friedericke Elisabeth Bohneberg nee Karsten

known children:
daughter: Wilhelmine Auguste Elisabeth Korn nee Rustenbeck , August 29, 1857- November 23, 1909
son: Johann Heinrich Erdmann Rustenbeck, November 11, 1858 - April 4, 1894

Heinrich not just had the same name as his father, he also learnt the same trade: he became a butcher. In 1856 he married Wilhelmine Sophie Elisabeth and they had 2 children: a daughter, my 2.greatgrandmother Auguste and a year later a son called Johann Heinrich Erdmann like his father.
When the son was old enough to get into the business with his father they also opened a restaurant in their butcher shop.

Heinrich, the son, married his cousin Wilhelmine Marie Friedericke Pfeifer in 1885 shortly after the death of his father. In 1891 they had a son and of course also named him Johann Heinrich Erdmann. Unfortunately only 3 years later Heinrich died and a year later Wilhelmine Marie Friedericke decided to remarry. 1895 she married Karl Wilhelm August Kreussler and they had at least one daughter, called Elisabeth Frieda Gertrud, together.
Heinrich, the grandson of Heinrich and Wilhelmine Sophie Elisabeth seemed to have become an engineer. He died unmarried and childless in Berlin in 1945.

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