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my 4.greatgrandparents: Johann Heinrich Erdmann Rustenbeck and Catherine Elisabeth Achtel

Johann Heinrich Erdmann Rustenbeck
1798 - April 29, 1884
father: Johann Heinrich Ermann Rustenbeck
mother: Anne Dorothee Rustenbeck nee Krull

ring October 5, 1823

Catherine Elisabeth Rustenbeck nee Achtel
1801 - December 19, 1876
father: Johann Heinrich Ermann Rustenbeck
mother: Anne Dorothee Rustenbeck nee Krull

known children:
daughter: Marie Auguste Rustenbeck, July 4, 1824 - August 4, 1829
daughter: Dorothee Elisabeth Rustenbeck, August 8, 1826 - July 9, 1829
daughter: Caroline Louise Rustenbeck, February 1, 1828
son: Johann Heinrich Erdmann Rustenbeck, November 18, 1830 - September 7, 1885
son: Friedrich Rudolph Rustenbeck, February 21, 1833 - June 6, 1850
son: Carl Friedrich Heinrich Rustenbeck, January 19, 1834
daughter: Marie Therese Rustenbeck, December 24, 1836 - February 13, 1837
daughter: Louise Auguste Rustenbeck, January 4, 1838

Heinrich's father was a taylor and a member of the Palatinate colony (Pfälzer Kolonie) in Gommern and later in Magdeburg.
Heinrich first became a linen weaver but later changed professions and became a butcher. He and Catherine Elisabeth also operated a restaurant with a bowling alley and organised concerts and other events in their garden. Somehow I think if I had a time machine but could only visit one of my ancestors I would go and visit them! I imagine that the concerts must have been wonderful and the bowling alley for sure was a lot of fun!

But of course their life also wasn't easy as not many of their 8 children that I found actually survived.
Their daughters Marie Auguste and Marie Therese died from cramps. Dorothee Elisabeth succumbed to typhus. Friedrich Rudolph died from stroke when he was only 17.
About daughter Louise Auguste I only know her birthday.

But of course my 3.greatgrandfather Heinrich survived, became a butcher, married and had 2 children.
Their daughter Caroline Louise married Johann Friedrich Gottlieb Lobes and gave them many grandchildren.

There was a time when they weren't quite happy with their son Carl Friedrich Heinrich. It seems that he had borrowed money from people and didn't pay it back in time. But after his father announced in the newspaper that he would not guarantee any further debt payments for his son he seemed to have turned around. He was also a butcher and a year later I could find several of his advertisements for his meat in the local newspaper. In 1867 he got married with Johanna Wilhelmine Bendel, a 50 year old widow who already died 2 years later while they were travelling in Hamburg.

After his wife Catherine Elisabeth had died in 1876 Heinrich married again. His new wife was a much younger woman that could have been his daughter, the widow Wilhelmine Friederike Charlotte Beck nee Töppermann (born 1828, so 30 years his junior).

As I could find in an old newspaper clip that in 1852 Adam Herling thanked him publicly for his fatherly support after his son had died, I think that Heinrich seems to have been a good businessman and a man with a big heart.

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