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Carl Friedrich Ferdinand Korn
May 8,1824 - December 15, 1894
father: Johann Friedrich Korn
mother: Johanne Marie nee Reinecke

ringOctober 13, 1850

Therese Dorothea Marie Korn nee Borchardt (or Borchert, the spelling varies)
August 4, 1825 - 1993/94
father: Anton Borchardt
mother: Marie Borchardt nee Biermann

known children:
son: Carl Richard Rudolph Korn September 6, 1851 - August 21, 1853
son: Richard Robert Max Korn , November 20, 1852 - March 3, 1894
daughter: Jenny Therese Antonie Korn, born on July 1, 1854
son: Otto Christian Hermann Korn, October 5,1860 - May 27, 1927
daughter: Mart(h)a Louise Minna Korn, born on March 5, 1865

Carl and Therese both grew up in Magdeburg.
Carl lost his father early, when he was barely 9 years old and his mother died when he was 19.
Carl was a teacher. In addition he taught accounting to private students and did bookkeeping for clubs etc. He also sold life insurance. When he was in his mid 50ies he became a full time auditor and bookkeeper.

They were relatively well off and so both of their sons could get a good eduation.

Carl was also a member in a science club and had also joined an entomological society. He was very interested in big butterflies.

Unfortunately Therese became very sick and maybe their youngest daughter Martha was sick too.
His son Richard had gone to Stockholm but came back sick as well and even died before Carl.

Neither Jenny nor Martha got married but Carl and Therese left them enough money so that they could live from their inheritance.

Their son Otto was like his elder brother (my greatgreatgrandfather) Richard interested in chemistry. He probably studied chemistry in Berlin and also found his wife there. Afterwards he lived for a while in Magdeburg again working as a chemist for the police. But after his parents had passed away he moved with his family to Hamburg where he worked for the "Hygenic Institute". Together with Jacob Herzfeld he also wrote a book on rare earth metals.

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If you have any photos or other information about my family history or if you are a (remote) relative then I would be very happy to hear from you!

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