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my 4.greatgrandparents: Anton Borchardt and Marie Biermann

Anton Borchardt
December 18, 1784 - May 15, 1857
father: Johann Andreas Borchardt
mother: Maria Catharina Borchardt nee Altensleben

ring June 21, 1824

Marie Borchardt nee Biermann
February 9, 1789 - July 13, 1857
father: Johann Peter Biermann
mother: Dorothee Elisabeth Raebel

known children:
daughter: Henriette Hermine, June 27, 1824 - July 15, 1824
daughter: Therese Dorothea Marie Korn geb. Borchardt , August 4, 1825 - ca. 1893/94

Anton was a white tanner like his father Johann Andreas and grandfather Johann Hermann as well as all of his brothers.
He had at least 4 brothers and 1 sister.
His sister Anne Margarethe Christiane married the white tanner Isaac Gruson. His brother David Peter Adam Gottfried who was also a glove manufacturer, later married her daughter, that is his niece, Marie Christiane Gruson.
His brother Johann Ernst Daniel seems to not have been married.
His brother Johann Christian Andreas married Elisabeth Krebs in 1820 but already died 3 years later leaving his wife and one son. She soon remarried and had many children with her new husband Christoph Dodeck.
His brother Johann Andreas Friedrich married Marie Margarethe Biermann 1821 but also already died not even 2 years later. He left Marie with 3 children.

Marie's father Johann Peter was a carpenter. She had at least 2 siblings: Johanne Catharine Magdalene and Andreas Christian Gottfried.
1815 Marie had a son while still unmarried. Andreas Borchardt was godfather for the child. After the 2 were married I could find 3 children: son Joh Adam Friedrich who died when he was 1 year old, daughter Dorothee Catherine Emilie who lived to be 12 years and daughter Louise Charlotte Antonie who only lived a few days.

Anton was already living in the same house as Marie and Andreas and after the death of Andreas the two got married. They had 2 daughters: Henriette Hermine who died within a month and my 3.greatgrandmother Therese Dorothea Marie.

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