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Our flight started very early in the morning and this together with the time shift let us arrive while it was still morning in Vancouver. Wow, after spending the winter in Montréal and the last week on Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia it was almost a shock to see how green the city was!
Our flight this time was terrible as the flight attendants were very picky about how Jessica, our little daughter, had to sit etc. so my mood was rather bad when we arrived but Vancouver really is an amazing city! Hey, there is everything, a city full of life, with nice green parks, a nice climate (they say it rains a lot and with all the green this certainly is true but when we were there the weather was great), the sea directly in the city and the mountains in the background. And it also seems to be quite multicultural. Well, okay, it seems half the population there is Asian...
I really fell in love with this vivid city immediately!
Our first day we mostly spent at the English bay area.

In the morning we watched a car crash for a movie called "Chaos". Very interesting. The "crash" involved police cars from Seattle. So you think you see the streets of Seattle when you watch the film while in reality it was filmed in Vancouver!
Well, we then walked along the waterfront - on the other side than the day before - to the Aquarium which is situated in Stanley Park. We spent some time inside the Aquarium and then walked a bit through Stanley Park before we went home again. It's a very nice park. The trees there are different from the trees I had known before, they are higher and the branches only start further to the top.

We went a little bit into Chinatown and visited the classical Chinese garden. An old Chinese man gave a very interesting talk about the Chinese philosophy behind the garden. I think Jessica, our little daughter disturbed the talk a bit even though it didn't seem to bother the old Chinese man too much. He talked a lot about the intellectuality of the garden and gave a lot of advice for healthy and happy living. I really felt kind of spiritually lifted afterwards.

After that we went to Jericho Beach. It's really very beautiful there and I could have sat there the whole day! You also have a very nice view of the skyline of Vancouver from there.

Vancouver really is a very beautiful city. I would move there anytime!

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