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Bonjour! We arrived in Montréal in the end of July 2003. At the beginning it seemed that everything that could go wrong with our apartment actually did go wrong: When we arrived after a long and delayed flight we were told that the apartment that we were supposed to get wasn't available. The one we then moved in at first was absolutely tiny so when all our stuff arrived two days later we had to put it in a storage room instead that promptly was flooded with water after the next rain shower... I can tell you that I was close to taking the next plane home...
Luckily I didn't -- Thanks to Aniko, a truly wonderful old lady I met in Westmount Park right after that. She really helped me to feel at home and let me discover what a nice and beautiful city Montréal really is!

LaTour McGill (1501 McGill College)

I really like this all glass style and the cascading roof! It's my favourite building here!

Mc Gill University

Art on Sherbrooke

Latin Quarter

St. Joseph Oratory


Westmount really is a very nice neighbourhood with lots of beautiful houses. (By the way, you don't recognize that these are all wooden houses, do you!?)

I really fell in love with Westmount Park. I met so many wonderful people there, there are so many nice memories. I'll never forget this place!

And I'll never forget Aniko, my first friend in Montréal who I first met in Westmount Park a few days after we arrived. Unfortunately she passed away on March 3, 2013 at the age of 76. R.I.P., Aniko! You are dearly missed!

Squirrels: My favourite inhabitants

Montréal-always something to celebrate:
Fête des enfants, Halloween, Christmas Parade

Unfortunately we arrived too late for all the music festivals. But there is always something to celebrate:

Fête des enfants (children's festival)


Christmas Parade

Montréal in winter

That's winter in Montréal:

The sun is always shining but it is dead freezing cold!

Parks suddenly get new meaning: There are ice rinks everywhere

The squirrels always come out on a sunny day:

Ever wondered why the snow is gone after a short time without the temperatures ever going up?! Here is why:

The Snow Festival, Fête des Neiges

Even in the deepest winter there is something to celebrate:

Spring starts...

and it is already time to say good-bye...

Good-bye, Montréal!
Thank you for making my stay so wonderful! I'll never forget this great time!

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