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Make your own protective wood coating

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A lot of outdoor wood coatings use contain pesticides or other harmful substances. Here are some good alternatives.

Make your own vaseline and bees wax wood coating

To make this wood paint you can use the cheapest un-scented baby vaseline you can find and a bit of real bees wax. In a small pot you melt the vaseline with 20% (mass percent) bees wax.

What you need: vaseline and bees wax

Melt the vaseline and the bees wax.

vaseline and bees wax

Pour the liquid into a jar or metal can and let it cool down. Don't use a plastic container. Platic may melt when it gets in touch with the hot mixture.

The vaseline and bees wax paint is ready

Now take a normal paint brush and apply a thin layer on top of the wood. It will take a few days until the wood has completely absorbed the paint. This wood coating will make the wood completely water repellent an still allow the wood to breath. Any moisture that got somehow into the wood can still evaporate.

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