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Great tasting watermelon popsicles

Here is a simple yet great tasting watermelon popsicle idea. Kids love it.

watermelon ice pops watermelon ice pops
Just cut a watermelon into 1 inch thick slices. Poke a hole into the watermelon skin/rind with a table knife and insert popsicle a stick. Put a few of them over night into the freezer and enjoy your popsicles the next day.

Our son's teacher brought these one day to school. He came home and wanted us to prepare more of those popsicles right away. The whole family loves them. A great idea for a warm summer day.

There are as well a few variants of this recipe. You can dip the frozen watermelon in molten chocolate or you can try other fruits. Kiwi works well:

watermelon ice pops with chocolate coating kiwi fruit ice pops kiwi fruit slice ice pops
Some variants of the "Watermelon Popsicle": watermelon with chocolate coating, kiwi fruit

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