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February 2022

Love and Freedom, Trucker Convoy Canada

This is a very important point in the history of Canada, and I am writing this blog entry in order to document it.

We are the World, We are Canada, 2022-02-03, https://rumble.com/vtwu6e-supporters-of-the-freedom-convoy-hold-hands-and-sing-we-are-the-world.html, (original video by https://www.facebook.com/Drones4Freedom/videos/3122073141443038/), click to play on rumble

It started with the Trucker Convoy on the west-coast and more and more people joined on the way.

Canada Trucker Convoy video by Kaila Howard, 2022-01-28, originally posted on facebook, https://rumble.com/vu89s3-canada-trucker-convoy.html, click to play on rumble
Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022 Keep On Truckin In The Free World Music Video, click to play on rumble

I can recommend this article by David Maybury https://maybury.ca/the-reformed-physicist/2022/02/03/a-night-with-the-untouchables/, (local pdf copy) if you want to read and learn more.

It seems that Justin Trudeau and other politicians knew that their Covid response was a complete failure. They were afraid that the Trucker Convoy would expose it in a big way and therefore they used all they could to discredit good and honest citizens. Very hateful language was used. Some people fell for this propaganda but most understood who was really the one holding unacceptable views.
This video https://rumble.com/vtzz09-is-trudeau-the-son-of-fidel-castro-removed-from-screwtube.html provides some fun information about Justin Trudeau and some food for thought.

Freedom Convoy 2022 is a push back against oppressive pandemic mandates, globalism and government overreach. Those measures affect all canadians, not just truckers.

More than 2 years of loss, division, lies, false media campaigns, political games, ...: Provincial politicians have been closing local businesses at an unprecedented rate and diverted customers to large international cooperations. What about student graduation ceremonies? Their secondary education? Our children that lost 2 years? What about our young athletes? How about the people that couldn't take the mental torture and took their lives? Seniors locked down for months on end? Our loved ones dying alone? Family divisions over pandemic hysteria?

This is the first time in 2 years that we see again happy families with a sense of freedom.

Canada goose against bulls, click to play video

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