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March 2023

UK: Matt Hancock discusses when to deploy the new Covid variant

The Telegaraph was able to obtain copies of private messages sent via WhatsApp between top level UK politicians. It's a jaw dropping to read about the amount of tyranny and abuse. Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock discusses when to deploy the new Covid variant:

[deploy the new Covid variant]
Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/lockdown-files/

It's obvious that this was on purpose and with malice. The citizens were not the beneficiaries, they were the victims.

Were these criminals just opportunistic or was it planned? This question comes to mind when you think how it unfolded across the world during the last few year. It was all lockstep across the globe and this can only happen if it was highly planned and coordinated. There's no other way. The telegraph is probably publishing this in preparation for the WHO treaty. It's interesting to read these "lockdown files" but they might have decided to publish them now just to show that local governments and their health advisers are unable to manage their country's health system. Only time will tell just how deep the rot goes.

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