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Ruizu x02 mp3 player, change language from Chinese to English

I bought recently a small Ruizu x02 mp3 player on ebay and it came with the language set to Chinese. Funny symbols everywhere. I did not know what to do with it and the seller had not provided any instructions on how to change it to English.

Fortunately I found a friend who could help and change the language settings to English.

I am posting this here for those who end up in a similar situation. The photos below are in English to make it easier to understand the flow but even if the player is set to Chinese it is still the same path that you have to take through the menus to change the language. The actual language selection menu is fortunately not translated to Chinese and you can find a line that says "English".

Here is what to do:
change language on a ruizu x02, step 1 change language on a ruizu x02, step 2 change language on a ruizu x02, step 3
Select the bottom right settings item on the main screen. Select menu item number 8 to change the language. Select "English"

Ruizu x02 review

Overall I am quite happy with this little mp3 player. The mp3 player reviewed here is a RUIZU X02 purchased in 2018. The only model identifiers are on the back of this device:
ruizu x02, back

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