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Making a pocketwatch storage and presentation box

Self made pocketwatch storage and presentation box

Here is how I made a small, handy and beautiful storage box for 4 pocket watches. It's made from thick white card board and wood for the frame. The box compartments are lined with a shiny blue polyester fabric.

The individual compartments in the storage box are 5x7cm wide and 1.5cm high.

We start with the parts that we need for the storage box: a cardboard sheet and wood pieces of different length. I used maple wood to build the frame.

Cardboard sheet and wood for the storage box.

I use ordinary white wood glue during the assembly:

The frame glued to the cardboard sheet, compartments are 5x7cm

I painted the box with clear acrylic polyurethane for extra durability. Acrylic polyurethane is different from normal polyurethane varnish and does not smell at all.

The box is then lines with blue imitation silk, a shiny polyester fabric.

blue imitation silk

The fabric is best glued with hot melt glue to the wooden frame since hot melt glue does not soak into the fabric.

For the top cover I use the same thick white cardboard as for the bottom of the box.

pocketwatch storage box for 4 watches

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