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How to open and clean a Nutone bathroom fan

Bathroom fans get dusty over time and need to be cleaned. Sometimes it's not obvious how to do that. Here is how to remove the plastic cover of a nutone-672SP bathroom ceiling fan.

This Nutone bathroom fan has two V-shaped wire clamps that slide into a slot in the fan unit. This is what holds the cover and pulls it up. You can just pull the cover down a bit and then it will get stuck because of the round ears at the end of that V-shaped clamp. However you have now about 1 1/2 inch of space to get your fingers under the cover and squeeze the clamps together. This will allow you to pull the clamps out of the slot and remove the cover. You can wash the cover with a bit of water.

Here are some photos illustrating the procedure. To assemble it you just push the V-shaped wire clamps back into the slot and they will pull the cover up as they expand.
cover with v-shaped clamp
The cover with its v-shaped clamp. The other clamp is on the oposite side and not visible in the photo.

cover with one clamp already removed
cover with one clamp already removed
The cover with one clamp already pulled out. You can see how the remaining clamp sits in the slow. To get it out you just push it together and pull it down.

the clean cover is back on the fan
Cleaned and installed

This particular Nutone 672SP bathroom fan is no longer sold and produced. Here is the original installation manual as PDF file:

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