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A permanent and light fast pen?

I have seen over the years so many people trying to maintain a name tag or a small sign on the outside of their house. They "tried everything" to keep the ink from fading over time.

Fist you try a good quality ball point pen. The writing is clear and sharp on the first day and .... completely bleached over the summer. Hmm, get me that black permanent marker! ... 3 month later .... the same problem: The writing disappeared completely.

There is a very cheap and nice solution: pencil!

Text written with a pencil on acid free paper can remain readable for millions of years.

We don't think very high of pencil because one can use an eraser to remove it but otherwise it is the most permanent pen ever.

The good old pencil is totally amazing: The pencil lead is made from graphite aka. coal. The coal that we get out of the ground is millions of years old and still black. Thus text written with a pencil will stay for millions of years unless somebody rubs it off with a pencil eraser. If you want to prevent it from being rubbed off then just apply a layer of lacquer, water proof wood glue or just a strip of clear scotch tape on top.

What a nice pencil!

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