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Marvelous giant marbles made out of ice

This is what I did with my family this week: We made large marbles out of ice.

Marvelous giant marbles

We took a few good quality balloons, put 3 drops of food coloring into them and then we filled them with water. We placed each into a round bowl and let them freeze outside. The forecast shows temperatures below -10'C for the whole week. A perfect time for making giant marbles out of ice. To start with we prepared 2 water filled balloons and let them freeze outside over night.

Filling a balloon with food coloring and water

Frozen over night

Why do we put the balloons into a round bowl? If you place a water filled balloon on a flat surface and let it freeze then you will get something that is round except for the bottom side. The bottom will be flat. You can avoid that by placing the balloon in a round bowl. This will result in an almost perfectly round marble.

Placing the water filled balloon in a round bowl while
freezing will result in a round marble.

Removing the balloon

Removing the balloon

A few words of warning:

Beautiful giant marbles.

I love winter. It's marvelous.
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