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May 2022

A diy cast iron skillet handle

I bought recently a small 8 inch cast iron pan. The handle is also cast iron and gets hot. The store had some silicon handle covers but those were way too big. I started to use the pan, handling it with a kitchen towel but I noticed soon that it's easy to forget that the handle is hot in the heat of the action. This is especially true if all your other pots and pans have handles that you can touch without getting burned.

I made a leather handle and I padded it with the cardboard of a toilet paper roll for additional insulation. Also if it ever gets too hot then the cardboard would get charred a bit but the leather will not get damaged. It's a pretty good handle, comfortable, looks good and it's inexpensive.

pan and materials: toilet paper roll, rubber band, leather handle cover

Put the toilet paper roll over the handle and fold the exess cardbord under. Hold it in place with a rubber band:

toilet paper roll for extra insulation
hold the cardboard in place with a rumberband

I made a leather sheath, big enough to comfortably slide over the cardboard covered handle:

slide leather sheath over

Finally I took a leather hole-punch and punched a hole in the area where the cast iron handle has its hole. I put a brass belt-screw through the hole to secure the handle:

the pan with its new handle

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