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Using your AC to make distilled water

Your AC produces distilled water for free

There are a number of special applications where one needs distilled water such as keeping the sponge for your soldering iron wet, ironing shirts or re-filling car batteries (non sealed car batteries without a platinum sponge).

Many people buy distilled water and don't realize that they could have it for free.

If you have an air conditioning in your house then you have distilled water. The AC has a drain pipe somewhere and therefore we are not really aware of the distilled water that is beeing produced but it's a lot of water.

A central air conditioning for a 3 to 4 bedroom house produces on a warm summer day about 20 Liter (5 Gallon) of distilled water. That's a lot of distilled water every day.

So here is how to harvest the distilled water. It works best with ceneral air conditioning systems. Compact window mounted units are often constructed such that the water accumulated in condenser flows onto the hot outside parts of the AC where it evaporates. You don't get a lot of water from those units unless you open them. It's high quality distilled water and it's really distilled (that is: made by condensing water vapor). Most distilled water sold in the shops is not actually distilled. It is generated by running tap water through an ion exchanger.

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