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March 2023

Climate change: the bigger picture

Humans like to think that they are in control of nature. Is that really true or are we just a tiny part of nature?

estimated average temperature on planet earth over time, the time scale is in millions of years

Source: https://www.climate.gov/news-features/climate-qa/whats-hottest-earths-ever-been#

Humans appeared on Earth about 2 million years ago. We exist because of climate change. The great apes had the leave the trees because it got a lot colder and the foliage of the trees became seasonal. Those apes that became humans had to leave the trees to survive.

Another interesting graph in this context is the CO2 level in relation to temperature:

Temperature (red) and CO2 (green) on planent earth over time

Is CO2 really the main driver for temperature?

more interesting charts at: https://co2coalition.org/facts/

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