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Book: Missing Microbes by Martin Blaser

We have always been told that antibiotics have an impact on the resident microbes in our intestines but they would come back once the treatment is over. Therefore we tought that there is no permanent impact. It's not true. You may discover the "side effects" only years later.

Martin Blaser has done some very interesting research proofing that there is a life long impact. A child that received antibiotics during the first few years has a much higher chance to suffer later on from allergies, asthma, diabetes, coeliac disease, obesity, autism (ASD)....

A very interesting book and a must read for young parents!!

Who would have thought that antibiotics given at the age of one would explain why a child has nut allergies at the age of 3 and is overweight at the age of 25.

I still remember how hard we had to argue with our pediatrician when our daughter had an ear infection. The pediatrician really wanted her to take antibiotics while we were not sure if that really needed at this stage of the infection. We wanted to know from pediatrician at which stage the antibiotics are required so we could monitor our daughter and take action when really needed. The pediatrician just wanted to give a preventive dose of antibiotics, not do any tests and not monitor the infection. Today I am really glad that we decided to not give our daughter the prescribed antibiotics because the ear infection got better within 2 days even without antibiotics.


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