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Gini and Karl's world

Hello! We are Gini and Karl, two little Tux penguins. As you probably know Tux is the name of the penguin mascot of the Linux operating system. So you can imagine that we love computers and everything that has to do with it as well as other fascinating science and electronics stuff. We live with our parents, Sara and Antoin, in Multimix City, a wonderful place, close to the sea and full of diverse and interesting people. We code, read, observe, build, create, do experiments and travel to explore and understand more and more of the world around us.

Go to story time if you want to know more about us. You can read our profiles, follow Sara's blog on life, the internet and everything, read stories about us and play games with us.

New in storytime:
Sara's blog: March 16, 2013 : The talented bluefin tuna
Sara's blog: February 24, 2013 : Soundation.com
Sara's blog: January 14, 2013 : Writing text backwards

In our science club you can read Antoin's blog "No preservatives added", do experiments, learn about astronomy, read Gini's robot blog and our blog "..because our planet matters".

New in our science club:
Antoin's blog: Building an outdoor door chime
Antoin's blog: Clover lawn
Antoin's blog: Homemade natural deodorants and perfumes
Antoin's blog: Shoelaces make the perfect pocket-watch chain
Gini's robot blog: March 3, 2013 : robohow
Antoin's blog: No preservatives added: Fennel and Estragon Vinegar
Antoin's blog: No preservatives added: A permanent and light fast pen?
Antoin's blog: No preservatives added: Marvelous giant marbles made out of ice
Antoin's blog: No preservatives added: DIY book printing and binding
Antoin's blog: No preservatives added: A nice leather pencil case
Gini's robot blog: January 14, 2013 : SmartBird

In our math blog you find little math programs and hear about math sites that we find interesting.

New in our math blog:
an online chinese abacus
mathsheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

If you like coding or computer graphics we look forward to seeing you in our computer, programming and graphics corner.

New in our computer, programming and graphics corner:
My shopping list (explained)

Enjoy! And drop us a line if you like! We look forward to hearing from you! ☺

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