Voltage divider calculator for the 8x1-LCD programmable DVM module, suggestions for R1/R2 resistor combinations

U1 must be entered in volt.
Enter only numbers without any letters (units).

This program will suggest suitable resistor combinations based on the E12 series.
U1 max:

suggested values for R1 and R2:

The value Ri is the effective load that this voltage divider would put on the measurement target (U1). You will see resulting U1 max. values that are higher than the one you entered since this software uses only resistors from the E12 series and does not use any parallel resistors to get in-between values. A higher U1max will reduce the resolution of the DVM in the requested range but it will be able to measure voltages from 0V to the U1 you entered (and a bit higher).

Rdiv is the division factor by which the voltages are scaled down (Rdiv=(R1+R2)/R2).